Custom solutions for your projects

LaGrange Design offers CAD drafting and 3D modeling services to help designers and makers save time and improve their business operations.

Technical CAD drafting

Technical drawings, CAD drawings, or shop drawings, whatever you prefer to call them, are the blueprints for your design. From the overall dimensions to the exact hardware used, the CAD drawing is where every detail of your design is covered. These are perfect for gaining client approval, and for using as guides while building.

3D modeling & rendering

3D models and renderings are great for visualizing a design and communicating with clients. Links to 3D viewports like this can be hyperlinked to your designs accompanying shop drawings.

CNC prep

Does your shop utilize CNC routing for sheet good construction? Get all your parts fabricated perfectly with linework straight from your drafter to the machine that’s making it.

Revit family modeling

Do architects want to include your furniture designs in their projects? Revit is the industry standard software used by architects, and by having your designs as Revit family models, architects can plan to have your furniture in their buildings.

What do you need?

Above are the primary services LaGrange Design offers. If there is something slightly different that you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to ask.